10 Girlboss Habits for your dream life

Hello lovelies,

How is the 2018 going for you all? Are you able to complete your 2018 goals and resolutions? Well if you did congratulations and I wish you accomplish your 2019 goals as well, but if you are someone like me you know it’s hard to keep up with resolutions and complete them. So what you should do instead is create productive habits which will help you accomplish your new year goals with ease.

Don’t worry about what habits to have and get confused! I have you sorted. Here is a list of top 10 habits every girlboss or anyone can create to help themselves achieve their goals and improve yourself everyday.

1. Make your bed Everyday

“If you wanna be successful start your day by making your bed” these are the words by William McRaven, US Navy Admiral and I was extremely inspired when I first listend to his speech on youtube and I know most of you must have seen that but for those who haven’t Here is the link to that video. I have started making my bed since then and it gives me a feeling of pride by accomplishing the first task of the day. Try that you will have no regrets. Also the biggest perk is you will have your bed made and clean when you are tired and exhausted so that you can sleep immediately as you get home.

2. Read everyday

Reading is a priceless activity. It is a workout for your brain and helps you acquire more critical and analytical thinking . If reading is a big task for you then try setting goals lik 5-10 pages a day and eventually step up your game. Just don’t complain about not having time to read when you watch netflix and chill all the time. Make time to learn and acquire knowledge and it will benefit you in long term. If you are confused about which books to read then HERE is a list of best self help books to help you kickstart your new year and improve yourself.

3. Exercise

If you observe every successful person and CEOs of big companies start their day by exercising or engaging into some physical activity and Exercise have proved to have many benefits on brain as well. Some of the major benefits of exercise are weight loss, healthy body, stimulates brain power, better blood circulation, keeps your body and mind active all day and many more there is not one reason to not exercise everyday as they say ‘ Health is Wealth’

4. Journaling

Journaling is a therapy to our mind and especially for me it helps me in releasing stress and finding clearity in my mind. We are all often dealing with a lot of chaos and dilemma in our minds which makes it difficult to think in a particular direction and make dicesions. Journaling helps in unloading your mind and being honest and vulnerable to yourself and it has a postive impact on our mental health and well being as well.

5. Wake up early

I cannot stress enough on benefits of waking up early in the morning. I have been a morning person all my life and I know how good it feels to wake up early in the morning and completing all the tasks. It feels like we have a lot of time all day and we are able to complete all our tasks. All the productive things like reading, Exercising, meditating or planning your day everything gets sorted when you wake up early in the morning.

6. Meditate

Meditation is the best practice of mindfulness since 1000’s of years. Meditation was practiced by our ancestors and is still going on, also scientists have proved that meditation actually helps in improving memory, keeping your mind calm, brain boosting, kick starting your day and lots more. Meditating for just 8 weeks physically changes your brains and also there are innumerable benefits to meditation and if you want to learn more about meditation then do comment down below I will do a post on benefits and guide to meditation as well.

7. Stay Groomed

Well by grooming I don’t mean to say that wear clothes like those fashion bloggers or wear expencive Gucci clothes just be presentable and clean. Like having chapped nails and wearing dirty clothes will first of all decrease your value and create a bad impression and lower your self esteem which becomes a hindrance to your growth. Whereas if you are well dressed in clean clothes and have a well groomed body you will feel light and active and also increase your confidence for a better success and improve your impression and credibility as well.

8. Invest in yourself and spend time with yourself.

Having a day entirely dedicated to yourself is not only fun but vital. Have a Pampering day for yourself every week or atleast every 15 days. Today everyone talks about hustling and not wasting time but no one says how important it is to have some me time and rejuvenate yourself more more productive days ahead. Every sunday or whatever your free day is spend some time with yourself do something creative, pamper youself, paint, read, listen to your favourite songs, netflix, go out with your friends, apply face masks, groom yourself, write down your weekly and long term goals and taddaa you won’t know how refreshed, clear, peaceful and energized you will feel after that. Learn being alone and stay happy with yourself coz sometimes you are the only company you will need in life.

9. Learn something new everyday.

Sometimes it’s hard to not watch netflix because we don’t want to get out of our comfort zone but expanding your knowledge is what will help you in carrier and not what happens in the 8th season of Game Of thrones I am not saying stop getting entertained but limit it to some time only instead listen to podcast which helps you in improving yourself, read books of different genre even though you hate biology learn how body functions. So, basically learn things apart from your carrier it really helps in expanding your knowledge and gives a better perspective to life. You never know you will be having knowledge about things your crush is fond of.

10. Gratitude

‘ you wanna be happy? Be Grateful. Says David Steinal-Rast again a ted talk I love and that’s when I got inspired to be Greatful in life HERE is the one if you wanna get inspired too. Gratitude is a game changer and that is why I kept the best one at the last. It is not wrong to aim for more and have goals but don’t ever forget what you already have and be greatful for that because that is what will help you achieving more and be happier in the process.

So, that is it friends! Would love to know your thoughts and all the best on starting your new year with a bang.