10 Summer Essentials to upgrade your wardrobe

Summer or winter every wardrobe needs an upgrade in every season in today’s post I am featuring Chiara Ferrangi she is my all time style icon and you will love her too here is her blog. also disclaimer! disclaimer! disclaimer! I am not here to tell you what you should and shouldn’t wear I am not any fashion expert! blogs are all about suggestions and your personal opinions but these basics are for sure worth investing.

1. Denim shorts.

It’s finally here the Season of shorts! you can wear it with T-shirts, jackets or shirts whatever your style is. They are super alluring and chic. Pro-tip black booties and denim shorts makes a perfect pair.

2. The basic white T-shirt.

As boring and cliche it may sound but a white T-shirt is the most versatile piece of your wardrobe. It can be partnered with almost everything weather it’s your pants or a dress you can never go wrong with a white tee.

3. Boyfriend Jeans.

Super comfy and super cool these pants are a must have this summer. Unlike skinny denims which sweats your legs boyfriend jeans let your legs breathe and gives a perfect Street style look.

4. White sneakers.

Flats and white sneakers are essential for this summer. How can we not include footwear in our wardrobe essential? white sneakers are minimalist and is trending this season. These shoes are perfect for both lazy casual days as well as busy work days.

5. Loose pants.

Happiness is wearing loose clothes in hot weather which lets your skin breathe whether they are pants or straight plazo they are the greatest pleasures to wear during the summer and makes you look perfect and feel comfortable.

6. Statement sunnies.

Every summer wardrobe is incomplete without a pair of sunglasses. Sunnies make your outfit complete and makes you look gorgeous. So put on your favourite sunglasses and wear them with pride.

7. Florals.

Nothing defines Spring and summer more than the stocked up floral Prints in every wardrobe weather it’s a dress or a top upgrade your wardrobe with floral prints this summer and look colourful. Florals also gives a feminine essence to your look.

8. Slides

Flip-flops are gone long ago no matter what you wear Denim or Scirts it makes you look put together without even trying. slides are the comfiest Summer footwears. So go grab it!

9. Midi skirt

Whether it’s your holiday or you are sweating in the city midi skirts look flattering and stylish for every women with every size buy the one you love and weare it all day long with sneakers to heels and from day to night.

10. Bomber Jacket.

These are the most Wore Trends this year and it gives out the perfect Street style also they can be styled as the nineties baby to the millennial babe. You can wear them with your basic T-shirt or dresses to complete your outfit Bomber jacket is a must have this season.

so these were the summer essentials which I feel are must haves in your wardrobe if you have any suggestions feel free to comment below.

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