12 things I learnt from life.

Being a victim of growing up and adulting is apparently a bit disappointing and I have decided to reflect back to my life till this point and note down the things I have learnt. I know I am no life coach to tell you about it but what I am certain about is that I have learnt quite a bit from my experiences with over two decades living in this chaotic world.

1. Not everything is in your control, let it go.

This is something we all struggle with. Since childhood we have learnt from movies and songs that we are all architects of our own lives and whatever we want we can do and so letting things go isn’t in our genes but my perspectives have changed since years and unexpected accidents in life isn’t something we can control all we gotta do is acecept the reality and let it go. We cannot control the wind but we can control direction of the sail.

2. Have your me time, every once in a while.

Having your me time is a lot more than just taking care of yourself and eating healthy. Spending a little time in solitude can make a lot of difference so go ahead and give yourself a break. Solitude is the soul’s sojourn and an opportunity to stop doing things for others and delight yourself instead. If we always focus on external relationships we miss our inner growth.

3. You are here to grow not to be friends with unworthy people.

You don’t ever have to feel guilty about removing toxic people from your life. Cut away from shitty people even if you have known them for long. It’s ok to let go off a friend if it’s better that way. Its ok to discontinue if the person is not worthy of your time or brings you down. Some people are in our life for specific amount of time and It’s better to walk away.

4. Stop comparing and start living.

As humans it is our nature to compare ourselves to others but nothing good comes out of it. Never make this foolishness of comparing your life to others. In this world driven with social media it’s easy to feel exiguous and we measure their lives with things that we see on photographs and there will always be people who appear better than you and live the perfect lives in your eyes sice we always compare the worst things about us. Their lives are never as perfect as it seems in your mind or their social media.

5. You need to value yourself more.

In our lives We all have been victims by people who has treated us unreasonably or poorly. Don’t allow people to treat you the way they do. Your energy, attitude and confidence is your currency that they will transact with. Refuse to be treated less than you deserve don’t negotiate your self worth Even if you loose some connections.

6. Laugh at yourself.

You walk down the street stumble, fall down and you glance around to see who witnessed this tragedy don’t hesitate just have a good laugh at yourself this was just an example this is the way you deal with life at every situation. We all make mistakes in life and do things we wish we could take back. But what makes life wonderful is that we are all profoundly flawed in our own ways. We can either weep about our flaws or laugh at them.

7. Read good books

It doesn’t matter what fiction or non-fiction there are endless stories that can deepen your understanding of the world. Reading is not only fun but it has innumerable benefits over watching Netflix marathons. Also I have this weird way of judging people if they don’t read books. So if I ever talk less with you! You know why, right? I am so sorry I can’t help. Go and start reading, I just can’t stress enough how much fun and vital it is.

8. You think you need that guy? Naah!

Before you misread! let me be clear I am not against relationships I am just trying to say you can be happy on your own too. I have had friends who would be in a bad relationship than being single. Desire for a man is still acceptable but if you need a man, honey! You gotta work on your mind and happiness first. You can pay your bills, you can go for dinner also you can please yourself there is nothing in your life that needs a man. You can’t rely upon anyone else to make you happy because in that way you are just setting yourself up for despondency. Be happy as yourself than with someone unworthy that’s all that matters.

9. Appreciate little things.

We all have goals and desires to complete our bucket list but life changes and all we should learn is that we should have pleasures as we work towards greater goals. Small pleasures like having fun with friends, soaking in bath, being nostalgic about old pictures are undoubtedly the most satisfying and pleasurable things which might lead us to our goals but helps us in feeding dynamism in our hustle.

10. Don’t care what they say.

When you think too much about what they say enventually you change yourself. I have been told many things till now, some good, some bad, some wrong and some right sometimes its hard to not let the world affect you. Getting an earful is certainly inevitable you just gotta hear and go on and not giving shits about them will be the best decision you will ever make in your life.

11. Get that tattoo and party hard.

No matter what quotes they say like “enjoy in 20’s and regret your 50’s” you don’t have to waste your youth in being boring the only secret is to know you limitations. Socializing and having fun with your friends is as important as your career since, that is the only way to fuel yourself when you are exhausted and I don’t know about life but your youth is too short to not enjoy. As long as you know when to stop.

12. Don’t be ashamed of things that make you happy.

Our society is weird it tells us to be yourself but when we do they have flaws in that too and you can’t give a rat’s ass about that. I am what people call ‘a book warm’ my idea of good times would be sitting alone in my room and having my cup of coffee and I find that cool enough because that is what makes me happy falling in love with the characters in books. Just don’t try to be somebody you are not just because the world tells you to be like that

P.S:- Pro tip click pictures because you are having coffee don’t have a coffee to click pictures. Just saying!

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