Redefining beauty

So what is your idea of a beautiful person? A girl with perfect body, with perfect eyeliner with her eyebrows on fleek and perfect clothes?or a guy with amazing body, with six pack abs with enormous height, with handsome face and a perfect jawline? Is that a perfect person you idealise or a perfect body? Its ironic that people have perpetuated beauty with those wraps covering our inner beauty and souls. There is a whole lot of difference between looking beautiful and being beautiful.

” There are real standards of beauty which mirrors can’t define.”

Our society don’t make time to see beauty beyond face and yes a physically attractive person will turn heads but a beautiful heart will be cherished forever. Good looks are also important and yes it feels great to be on the cover of a magazine but you know what feels better? to be able to live in people’s hearts. Alright lets take an example Oprah Winfrey, Priyanka chopra and lady gaga might not be the most beautiful faces in the world but their personality and achievments are such that men would die to date them and every girl would admire.

We live in an era where girls wear contours instead of confidence, eye-liners instead of elegance, lipstick instead of smile and spend hours in shopping a perfect dress for the party but do not even realize how to wear dignity! who have no clue that feeling beautiful makes you prettier than looking beautiful. I know beauty pleases your eyes but inner beauty pleases your heart. Now set your priorities! Your inner beauty don’t need expensive makeup it just needs a good heart, kindness and happiness and guess what its free! but trust me no foundation and concealer will make you prettier than this. Ofcourse no one likes to be with a barbie doll or kenn doll who has nothing to do but sit still and look preety.

“I am perfect coz god makes no mistake”

It doesn’t matter if you are overweight or underweight, If you look black or white or you look short or tall, look at your innerself, look at the beauty beyond mirrors and photographs go out show them the beautiful person the world needs to see. Inner beauty is the only beauty but if you are a beautiful person with beautiful looks its always a cherry on top 😉

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