Layering in winters and outfit ideas.

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It’s December and the cold weather has started already. In winters it becomes difficult to keep up with trends and fashion takes a stepback but don’t worry here are the layering tips to take your style game on next level and keep yourself warm and chic all season.

1. Black leggings/tights are your best friend.

In winters black leggings becomes a Saviour as it can be wore underneath loose pants, dresses or even your pyjamas at home to give you a double layer and keep your legs warm and cozy. Just like here our own style inspiration Gigi Hadid has wore it with a sweater and shirt underneath with boots below and given us a perfect casual streetstyle winterlook.

2. Long coats and cardigans.

Coats and cardigans are the best form of layering so far as it enhances your look instantly yet keeps you cozy and comfortable also you can wear more number of layers underneath and keep yourself warm in cold weathers. similarly, Kendal Jenner has paired it in an all chic af way while keeping herself warm by layering tons of clothes within.

3. Knee high boots.

Knee high boots are my favourite kind of boots for winters so far. It looks stylish af along with protecting your feet and legs from chilly weather. Also it allows you to wear dress in winters, yes! When styled with a cardigan or coat it gives most chic look in winters. Hailey Baldwin has herself shown how to pair knee high boots and a dress in winters and slay all day.

4. Pilling on a single colour.

There is no better combination of colours than a single colour look and it becomes is easier in colours like black and white since they are versatile colours present in almost every women’s wardrobe. Bella Hadid look stunning and casual in her all white look here.

5. Go from shorter clothes to longer clothes while layering.

This is the best hack to enhance your winter look. As you wear shorter clothes underneath the longer ones every piece of your clothes is visible completely or partially which just gives a great overall look. It is also important to choose a good colour scheme while doing so and who else can teach us that other than Carrie Bradshaw herself?

6. Jazz it up with a scarf or a Bennie cap.

So, here were the tips for layering your outfits in winters without looking like a snowman and giving up on looking chic and stylish. Soon I’ll be sharing outfit ideas for winter season, till then subscribe to the blog by just enetring your email and get notification every time I post and you will never miss a chance to ace your style game.


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