Self love is more than just spoiling yourself.

Since childhood we are inculated to put others first and self love here is often considered selfish. We are taught to love others, to work hard, to be happy, to make money and to be peaceful but no one taught us how to feed our soul in this voyage.

Love yourself like you are not waiting for someone else to do it for you.

The conviction of obliging to a relationship is deep-rooted in order to define our distinctiveness. We fear of missing out fairy tail like endings but the fact is we can’t anticipate someone else to approve and like us. People make effort to be accepted and desireable but fail to recognize their own desires and inclinations and along with all the desires of being loved by others we disregard the need to love ourselves first. It is not our fault though, our brains are conditioned to compare ourselves to others since childhood and despite of all the years of schooling no one taught us that self love and self acceptance is the key to inner peace.

Just be yourself and let people see the real imperfect, falwed, quirky, wierd, beautiful and magical person that you are. -unknown

Having flaws is human tendency but dispite of all the things you hate about yourself and all the things you find fallacious about you, loving yourself should always be above everything. Everyone has their unique quality to be proud about. You should embrace your flaws and elevate your perspective on yourself. If you don’t love yourself it will always be burdensome to find love from other people.

In flights we are adviced to put our own mask first before helping others because unless you yourself are not able to sustain you can’t help others. Its all about connecting to your underlying self and glorifying yourself from within. Prevent seeking felicity outside, you may find short term hapiness outside but everything you want is within you forever.

When there is no enemy within, the enemies outside cannot hurt you -African proverb

It’s utterly tedious and unexciting to surround yourself with people who do not love themselves and the secret to a wonderful relationship is stability within you as well as with others and it becomes tough to love someone who has dislike for themselves.

Gratify your soul by loving and nourishing yourself and all the startling things will come to you in unexpected ways, you will evolve yourself into the person you always wanted to become and you will always treasure the charm of being true to you. Flaunt your flaws, love yourself and accept yourself. You don’t have to be appealing like them you have to be appealing like you.

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