Summer skincare- 10 steps to flawless skin

Well summers are already here and we all are probably dreaming of a beach holiday for sure but what about the horrors of skin which we don’t think about? Summers and ice creams are definitely very pleasant but the pigmentation, sun-tan, dark spots and wrinkles are a real pain in the ass but fortunately I have you sorted with the best tips to take care of your skin this summer as I want all my readers to be happy and beautiful all summer.

1. Moisturize

I know! I know! winters are gone but moisturizing is vital for your skin it has to be a part of your regime no matter what season! especially what happens in summers is your body and skin gets dehydrated due to Extreme heat and dry skin leads to damaged dull skin hence it is essential to smoothen it up by using a moisturizer and preferably non greasy or water / gel based moisturizer in summer as organs take all the water we drink so it is important to keep your skin hydrated.

2. Water is never enough!

Water is literally like a magic fluid especially in the summers also Summer heat sweats you a lot due to which your cells quickly looses water and in order to keep them hydrated and not faint you have have to be hydrated and keep on drinking as much water as possible. 8 to 10 glasses of water is the ideal amount also include fruit juices and melons which contains water and keep your skin and body hydrated all summer.

3. Sunscreen

I know this is a very obvious reason to mention but you have to know that sun is the biggest enemy of your skin and it causes aging, dark spots, tanning, pigmentation and all the harmful things and hence, you shouldn’t step out of your house without a sunscreen never forget to protect your skin with sunscreen before it ruins your skin also always choose a sunscreen with at least spf 30 and apply everyday twice or more if needed.

4. Exfoliate

Exfoliation clears up your skin, removes dead skin cells and opens up closed pores and for any skin care product to work your skin should be clear and alive however don’t exfoliate everyday as it may damage your skin exfoliating two to three times a week is ideal also don’t go out in Sun immediately after exfoliating.

5. Use non-comedogenic products.

First of all let me tell you the meaning of non-comedogenic product. It means that a product that is created to help reduce the blockage of visible pores hence these products can help beautify your skin and your skin care products have to be non-comedogenic as it reduces the pores. Pores on skin leads to irritation infection and also most dreaded acne and you do not want that right! Thus, using non comedogenic products is an essential part of your regime.

6. Don’t forget eyes and lips

Sun rays are as harmful to your eyes and lips as they are to your skin always make sure to cover your eyes from harmful UV rays and wear good quality sunglasses which can protect your eyes and also check on your lips by applying a balm every once in a while also it is well and good if it also contains spf. Make sure to clean your eyes with clear cold water to calm your eyes in case of irritation from the Sun.

7. Cooling foods are important.

What you eat shows up on your face hence, always prefer seasonal fruits and vegetables that cools your body drink vegetable juices, coconut water, watermelon etc.. cooling foods that can best help to electrolyte your body on a heating sunny day.

8. Neutral makeup

Well! Some makeup lovers might not like theis tip but summers and specially the sunny days makes you sweat a lot and if your face is pilled with red eyeshadow and black smokey eyes and bright blush you can only imagine what your face will look like unless it’s night time. so on the sunny days some neutral makeup with nude Shades makes your skin look glowing and refreshing in summers.

9. Keep facial mist handy

A bottle of cooling facial mist can work wonders on hot summer days to refresh your face and skin in the tiring Sun heat. so, whenever you feel tired grab your facial Mist and spray it on your face.

10. Cool shower

Cold showers improves the blood circulation which means improved health and also it feels heavenly to shower with cold water during the summer days. Cold showers not only circulates blood but also improves immunity, lower stress, relaxes mind and also most important improves skin.

So those were my tips on how to beat the heat in summers and make yourself fresh and flawless during the tiresome sunny days also subscribe to my blog blog by just entering your e-mail below and you will get notified everytime I post and get amazing and insider tips on fashion and beauty into your mailbox.


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